Weza Power: Revolutionizing Electricity in Rural Burundi

A Partnership Powering Up Africa's Electricity Future

by Motoni Olodun

Weza Power is a new milestone for Africa’s energy. This novel private electricity company is gearing up to electrify rural Burundi. Born from a collaboration between Nairobi’s Virunga Power and the Burundi Government, Weza Power aspires to provide 70% of Burundi’s citizens with grid electricity.

The company is a beacon for the African energy sector. As the debut private electricity distributor functioning at a national level in the continent over the past 10 years, it showcases a sustainable way to widen electric connections without adding government debt.

With a starting investment of $60 million over two years, this partnership plans to empower 300,000 Burundians with grid power. Their grand vision? Investing a staggering $1.4 billion over seven years to create a robust distribution system reaching the majority of this East African nation.

The new enterprise will tap into Burundi’s existing power lines managed by REGIDESO. The state firm will keep producing clean energy from its hydropower stations and supplying power to urban regions.

Simon Hodson, at Gridworks, shared, “This fresh private electricity distributor in sub-Saharan Africa, given a national concession, is a testament to Burundi’s vision. Partnering with Virunga Power, they’ve crafted a model that capitalizes on private expertise for the nation’s betterment.”

Ibrahim Uwizeye, representing the Government of Burundi’s energy division, remarked, “Joining forces with the private sector and, specifically, Weza Power will drive our goal. We’re on track to transforming Burundi by 2060.”

Today, only a fraction of Burundi’s 12 million residents have electric access, with even fewer in rural sectors. Weza Power’s promise of clean, stable power could be a game-changer. Offering rural entrepreneurs the tools to flourish, catalyzing job opportunities, and enhancing household living standards, is more than electricity – it’s a brighter future for Burundi.

Source: Energy Africa

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