EPCM Holdings Takes Charge of Mauritania’s 750km Gas Pipeline to Bolster Energy Ambitions

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

In a landmark move propelling sustainable energy agendas, EPCM Holdings has inked a critical contract with Mauritania’s leading industrial giant, Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière (SNIM). This monumental agreement paves the way for a 750-kilometre natural gas pipeline, positioning Mauritania on the cusp of a significant energy evolution.

Originating from the offshore Grande Tortue Ahmeyim and Birallah gas fields, this extensive pipeline will journey to the strategically located city of Nouadhibou, with an essential passage through the capital, Nouakchott. More than just a conduit for gas transportation, the pipeline symbolizes Mauritania’s commitment to harnessing its offshore treasures, opening doors for both domestic consumption and potential exports.

EPCM Holdings, a global engineering and project development powerhouse, has collaborated intensely with Mauritanian officials, guided by The World Bank’s insights since 2021. Together, they’ve meticulously crafted the country’s Oil and Gas Master Plan, a robust blueprint for Mauritania’s energy trajectory. This plan holds multiple ambitions at its core, from streamlining essential negotiations and establishing sturdy regulatory mechanisms to drawing pivotal investments and reinforcing energy stability.

Ultimately, the master plan aims to tap into Mauritania’s abundant oil and gas reserves for the broader good. By tackling energy poverty and promoting industrial growth, Mauritania is set to cement its role as a regional stalwart in sustainable advancement.

With the partnership of SNIM and EPCM Holdings, Mauritania embarks on a transformative journey. This pipeline not only fortifies its energy infrastructure but also exemplifies the nation’s commitment to sustainability and progress. Mauritania, with its eye on the future, stands poised to be a lighthouse of energy security and prosperity for the entirety of North Africa.

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