Sofec Secures Key Mooring Contract for Eni’s Mozambique FLNG Project

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

The path to a strengthened liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure in Mozambique takes a significant step forward. Japanese mooring giant Sofec has clinched a pivotal contract for Eni’s Coral Norte floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) project in Area 4, offshore Mozambique.

This collaboration aims to emulate the success of the Italian energy major’s previous project, the Coral Sul FLNG vessel, which became operational last year in the same region. The Coral Norte project signifies the continuous commitment of global energy companies to tapping into Mozambique’s rich LNG reserves.

The enlistment of Sofec, known for its expertise in mooring systems, reflects the complexities and importance of stable mooring for FLNG projects. Such methods are instrumental in ensuring the safety and efficiency of FLNG vessels, particularly in regions with challenging maritime conditions. 

Mozambique, a nation located on the southeast coast of Africa, has witnessed a surge in energy infrastructure investments in recent years. The Coral Sul FLNG was a testament to the potential of Mozambique’s offshore gas reserves and has set the bar high for subsequent regional projects. With the Coral Norte venture on the horizon, expectations are soaring regarding the benefits it will bring, both in terms of energy production and the economic uplift for Mozambique.

However, these FLNG projects are not without challenges. The maritime conditions, the need for state-of-the-art technology, and the meticulous planning required make the timely execution of such ventures a significant task. The fact that Sofec’s mooring system will take an estimated two years to be completed post-fabrication commencement further accentuates the intricacy involved.

Eni’s continuous engagement in Mozambique is a testament to its commitment to bolster the global LNG supply chain while contributing to the local economy. By replicating the Coral Sul FLNG’s framework, the Coral Norte project indicates a tried-and-tested approach, ensuring efficient project execution while minimizing potential risks. Moreover, the involvement of industry stalwarts like Sofec further strengthens the prospects of the project’s success.

As the world increasingly shifts towards cleaner energy sources, LNG continues to gain traction as a preferred choice. Mozambique, with its vast offshore gas reserves, is poised to play a crucial role in the global energy landscape. Projects like Coral Norte not only enhance the country’s energy production capabilities but also position it as a critical player in the global LNG market.

In conclusion, the partnership between Eni and Sofec in the Coral Norte FLNG project is a significant development in the energy sector. It combines the expertise of two industry giants, aiming to harness Mozambique’s rich LNG resources efficiently. As the project unfolds, all eyes will be on Mozambique, anticipating the next giant leap in global LNG production.

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