Libya’s First Offshore Gas Platform to Boost Economy and Cut Emissions

by Victor Adetimilehin

Libya is set to build its first offshore gas platform in the Sabratha field, as part of a $217 million contract awarded to the Italian engineering and construction company Antonini Group. The project, commissioned by the Mellitah Oil and Gas Company, a joint venture between Libya’s state-owned National Oil Corporation and Italian firm Eni, will create a compression unit to increase the gas production and export capacity of the country.

The Sabratha platform compression project is expected to take about 27 months to complete, with a six-month operational phase to construct a floating structure. The project will also involve the installation of structures to facilitate the drilling process in the field.

The project is one of the several initiatives that aim to revive Libya’s energy sector, which has been severely affected by years of conflict and instability. Libya has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa, but its production has been hampered by political divisions, security threats, and infrastructure damage.

The project will also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in Libya, as gas is a cleaner source of energy than oil. The Antonini Group has pledged to follow the highest environmental standards and use the latest technologies to ensure the safety and efficiency of the project.

The project was announced at the Libya Energy & Economic Summit 2023, which took place in Tripoli on November 8-9. The summit was organized by Energy Capital & Power, with the endorsement and support of the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Oil and Gas, and the National Oil Corporation. The summit aimed to showcase Libya’s potential as an investment destination and a strategic partner in the region.

The Sabratha platform compression project is a sign of hope for Libya’s economic recovery and environmental sustainability. It will also strengthen the cooperation between Libya and Italy, two countries that share historical ties and common interests.

Source: Energy Capital & Power

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