SunCulture Gets Funds for Solar Irrigation in Kenya

by Adenike Adeodun

SunCulture, a leader in solar irrigation systems, recently obtained significant funding, propelling its mission to innovate agriculture amidst the growing food crisis in Africa. The financial boost comes from Nithio Financial Intermediary, renowned for backing renewable energy initiatives through AI-driven strategies.

SunCulture’s appeal among investors is on the rise, as evidenced by the Nairobi-based company’s latest financial injection from Nithio FI. This entity, rooted in AI-enhanced renewable energy financing, recognizes SunCulture’s impactful approach.

According to a report by Africa Energy Portal, the current financing involves a syndicated $12 million credit facility orchestrated by heavyweights like Mirova SunFunder. Their involvement paves the way for SunCulture to bolster its Kenyan operations, particularly in renewable energy products and irrigation equipment, explains Nithio.

The primary aim? Enhancing agricultural productivity. This fresh capital enables SunCulture to escalate operations, reaching more smallholders desperate for consistent energy and water sources. These resources are crucial for not just improving yields but also securing community livelihoods.

Since 2012, SunCulture has committed to developing and maintaining IoT-based, solar-powered irrigation systems. Their solutions promote cost-effective farming, having sold over 45,000 systems and initiated battery-free irrigation technologies. The company’s influence is expanding, evident in their strategic market entries and governmental collaborations.

Nithio’s investment, as CEO Kate Steel asserts, supports SunCulture’s upward trajectory, aligning with the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet’s (GEAPP) vision of popularizing productive use devices across Africa.

Makena Ireri, from GEAPP, highlights the broader implications: promoting sustainable energy, enhancing access, and fostering economic growth. The strategy involves cutting down costs of efficient appliances and generating employment, all underpinning a greener future.

Furthermore, SunCulture plans to leverage these funds to pioneer tools for Kenya’s at-risk farmers, aiming to fortify climate resilience and sustainability in food systems, touching individual, community, and national strata.

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