BMW, Partners Boost Hydrogen Mobility in South Afric

by Adenike Adeodun

In a landmark collaboration, BMW Group South Africa, Anglo American Platinum, and Sasol have united their expertise to propel hydrogen-fueled mobility in South Africa, a bold stride mirrored only by giants like Toyota. The alliance, established at the South African Green Hydrogen Summit 2023, not only underscores a shared vision for innovation but also heralds a new chapter in the country’s sustainable transportation narrative.

BMW is at the forefront, bringing its cutting-edge BMW iX5 Hydrogen model into the equation. As part of a global trial, these fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) promise a remarkable 504 km range, with speeds capping at 180 km/h. They represent a fusion of advanced engineering and environmental stewardship, underscoring the automotive industry’s shift towards more sustainable models.

According to a report by Africa Energy Portal, Sasol, a leader in chemical manufacturing, steps in with its commitment to green hydrogen, a critical component in this clean energy drive. They’re not just supplying this key fuel but also innovating with mobile refuelling systems, ensuring these futuristic vehicles have the support needed to revolutionise South African roads.

The synergy doesn’t end there. Anglo-American Platinum brings its wealth of experience in the hydrogen economy to the table. Known for supplying platinum group metals (PGMs)—crucial elements in FCEVs—the mining magnate has been a proponent of hydrogen technologies for years. Their collaboration with titans like BMW and Sasol is more than strategic; it’s a concerted effort to nurture a hydrogen-based ecosystem right in their backyard.

This movement sets the stage for transformation, echoing global trends set by Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) with its Toyota Mirai model. It’s a clear signal: as international attention veers towards hydrogen, South Africa is positioning itself as a crucial player in this green revolution, reshaping perceptions of mobility, energy, and environmental responsibility.

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