AVEVA Earns AWS Energy Competency

by Adenike Adeodun

AVEVA, a frontrunner in digital transformation and industrial software, recently earned the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Energy Competency status, solidifying its stance in advancing sustainable energy initiatives. This accolade underscores the tech giant’s proficiency in deploying AWS’s cloud solutions to revamp intricate industrial frameworks, propelling the shift towards a greener energy horizon.

Out of over 7,000 AWS Partners worldwide, AVEVA stands among the elite seven entrusted with the prestigious AWS Energy Competency in the New Energies echelon.

Bry Dillon, AVEVA’s Senior Vice-President of Partners and Business Development, highlights the partnership’s critical role. “This alliance fortifies industrial transformation by offering cutting-edge, resilient software solutions fast-tracking the energy paradigm shift,” Dillon explained, emphasizing the instrumental synergy of AWS’s robust service capabilities and AVEVA’s extensive industrial Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio.

Achieving this status signifies AVEVA’s successful track record in crafting solutions spanning the entire value chain, from design and production to asset optimization, encompassing novel energy resolutions. The stringent accreditation process includes meticulous technical scrutiny and customer testimonials.

AWS caters to a spectrum of demands, offering adaptable, cost-efficient solutions for diverse enterprises. Its Competency Program assists clients in pinpointing industry-veteran AWS Partners, ensuring seamless integration and deployment of these innovative solutions.

Digital innovations hold immense potential, poised to significantly contribute to slashing greenhouse gas emissions, necessary for meeting the International Energy Agency’s 2050 net-zero benchmarks for pivotal sectors like energy, materials, and mobility.

African Mining Market reported that AVEVA’s tailored software is crucial across industries, facilitating energy management, operational optimization, and emissions tracking. Additionally, it aids burgeoning sectors in curtailing costs of pioneering technologies, including clean hydrogen and large-scale carbon capture.

Notably, global entities like Veolia Water have reaped substantial benefits from integrating AVEVA’s engineering solutions with AWS cloud, witnessing a 20% surge in IT agility, streamlined processes, and expedited insight and response times.

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