FHS Denies Corruption in COVID-19 Airport Testing; Defends Integrity

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

In a vigorous response to recent corruption allegations, Frontiers Healthcare Services (FHS) dismissed claims about its involvement in any fraudulent activities related to the Airport COVID-19 testing project. The company decried these accusations as calculated political attacks with no basis in fact.

“These allegations, devoid of truth, are concoctions by adversaries seeking political leverage,” asserted an FHS representative. These defenses emerged following public scrutiny from notable personalities like Okudzeto Ablakwa, questioning the credibility of the airport’s COVID-19 testing protocols.

Notably, FHS played a crucial role in managing the pandemic, implementing quick-response tests essential for controlling the virus’s transmission during heightened international travel. “Our team’s relentless dedication was critical in resource mobilization during those dire times,” the spokesperson emphasized.

The government’s decision to entrust FHS with this responsibility was strategic. The need for a dependable partner became paramount with the reopening of Ghana’s air borders. FHS presented a robust plan to the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL), positioning Ghana as a benchmark in global airport COVID-19 protocols.

An official from the National COVID-19 Task Force praised the FHS approach. “Their strategy was not just effective, but pioneering,” the official stated. The rapid deployment of two state-of-the-art laboratories and multiple testing stations within an astonishing two weeks demonstrated efficiency unmatched by existing governmental processes.

The company’s spokesperson also shed light on the testing quality, mentioning the employment of a sophisticated Automated Immunoassay System. “Our method’s precision is backed by independent verifications, including those from entities like JH Ryu,” the spokesperson said.

Addressing the controversy over the $150 testing fee, the representative clarified that the logistical and operational demands justified this cost. “The pricing was a requisite, reflecting the substantial expenses in infrastructure and human resources,” they added, pointing out the comprehensive nature of the operation, including accommodations and other provisions for the staff.

On financial dealings, FHS emphasized its transparency. “Our engagement with GACL was forthright, contributing to the economy and job market during the challenging pandemic period,” the spokesperson insisted, dismissing any insinuations of financial impropriety.

Furthermore, the company strongly refuted any insinuations of preferential treatment. “The claims of government favoritism are unfounded and slanderous,” the representative affirmed.

Concluding the statement, FHS underlined its commitment to public health during the pandemic, regretting that their pandemic-fighting efforts became a political football. “Our primary aim was, and always will be, preserving lives through dedicated service,” the spokesperson stressed.

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