MSGBC Basin’s Rise: Energizing Africa Through Local Partnerships

by Adenike Adeodun

The MSGBC Basin is becoming a new powerhouse in the global energy sector, with Senegal and Mauritania poised for their first gas production in 2024. They aim to boost local content in their fast-growing extractive industries.

Harnessing Local Talent: Kosmos Energy’s Innovation Challenge in Mauritania

Kosmos Energy is taking significant steps in Mauritania, parallel to its work with bp on the Grande Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) project. The company launched the Mauritania Innovation Challenge via its Kosmos Innovation Center-Incubation Hub. This challenge targets entrepreneurs under 40, which is crucial in a young nation. Beneficiaries include iMauritanie, enhancing government communication, and FASEL, a local salt processor. These efforts highlight a commitment to economic diversity and growth.

Empowering Senegal’s Oil and Gas Sector: bp’s Collaboration with INPG

Dedicated to building local expertise, bp is investing in Senegal’s future leaders. It’s doing so through a strong partnership with the National Oil and Gas Institute (INPG). Established in 2018 and extended until 2025, this partnership bolsters INPG’s role in preparing Senegal’s workforce for a thriving energy sector. It includes scholarships, technical training, and internships in Malaysia for standout students.

Safeguarding Biodiversity: bp and PRCM’s Coastal Conservation Efforts

Responding to environmental concerns, bp teamed up with the PRCM in 2022. According to a report by Energy Capital & Power, they aim to protect Senegal’s marine biodiversity amid offshore gas expansions. This collaboration with local universities emphasizes a commitment to conserving vital coastal ecosystems for workers in the fishing industry.

Cultivating Industry Skills: Woodside’s Commitment in Senegal

Woodside, leading the Sangomar field, is boosting local skill development with training programs. For instance, 15 Senegalese trainees have trained in Singapore, preparing them for key roles in their country’s energy future. The Sangomar project has provided 40,000 training hours, significantly improving job creation and skills.

Cross-Border Expertise: NCDMB Supports Senegal’s Vision

Aiming to strengthen Africa’s energy industry, Nigeria’s NCDMB is sharing its expertise with Senegal’s Oil and Natural Gas Commission. This new 2023 partnership aims to enhance Senegal’s economic prospects in oil and gas, promote sustainable practices and foster regional cooperation.

These initiatives will converge at the MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2023 Conference in Nouakchott on November 21–22. Hosted by President Mohamed Ould Al Saleh, the event will focus on regional local content efforts, reflecting a joint dedication to fostering economic growth and sustainability in the MSGBC Basin.

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