TotalEnergies’ Exhibition: A Fusion of Art, Creativity, and Sustainability

TotalEnergies Champions Sustainability and Art in Groundbreaking Exhibition

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

In an effort to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and unearth the hidden artistic talents of young Nigerians, TotalEnergies, in collaboration with NNPC Limited, Sapetro, CNOOC, and Prime, successfully organized the second Open House Art Exhibition recently.

The event, hosted at Eko Tower 2 on Victoria Island, Lagos, kicked off with an opening ceremony. This gathering provided a valuable opportunity for young exhibitors to interact with TotalEnergies’ senior staff, including Deputy Managing Director Deep Assets, Engr. Victor Bandele, Executive Director People & Country Services Evi Ifekwe, and Acting General Manager Corporate Social Responsibility, Tonye Osifo.

The Open House Art Exhibition has established itself as a vibrant stage for young, talented artists to display their creative work while promoting the important message of ‘Sustainab’ALL’, a key initiative of the company.

Under the theme ‘Sustainability at the Heart of Our Operations,’ this three-day exhibition offered an invaluable platform for young Nigerian artists to present their artistic skills.

In his interactions with the participants, Engr. Victor Bandele imparted words of wisdom, urging the artists to persist in their efforts, focus on skill development, build their professional networks, and seek continual opportunities for public exposure.

In a recent interview, Tonye Osifo, Acting General Manager Corporate Social Responsibility at TotalEnergies, emphasized the company’s focus on biodiversity and environmental sustainability. ‘Reuse, recycle, and reduce are fundamental to our approach,’ Osifo stated, highlighting the company’s search for artists who can effectively convey these messages.

Reflecting on the growth of the Open House Art Exhibition, Osifo noted, ‘The first edition last year featured one sustainability artist. This year, we expanded to three, underlining our commitment to providing a platform for young creatives to showcase their talents. Unlike established artists, our exhibition is unique in focusing solely on the youth, particularly students from the University of Lagos and Yaba College of Technology, with ten participants from each institution.’

Osifo revealed that over sixty artworks were on display at the event. She further explained, ‘Beyond just exhibiting art, we extend the opportunity to our staff and their families to engage in painting. This not only fosters creativity but also serves as a bonding experience, with many attending alongside their spouses and children.’

Osifo concluded by highlighting TotalEnergies’ dedication to nurturing creativity and innovation, all while upholding responsible environmental practices through such initiatives as the Open House Art Exhibition.

Queenette Ebong, a Creative Arts student from the University of Lagos, shared her exhilarating experience at the Open House Art Exhibition. ‘It’s an honor to participate and exhibit my works “The Difference” and “Eye on the Media,”‘ she expressed. Ebong extended her gratitude to the Deputy Managing Director for his inspiring words and appreciated the opportunity for artists to delve into sustainability themes using various mediums like paint, clay, iron, and even recycled materials.

Olanrewaju Tejuoso, another featured artist passionate about environmental sustainability, creates art using discarded and waste materials. His showcased works at the exhibition included ‘Omi obe,’ ‘Water kuench fire,’ and ‘Mirror in the sun.’

The exhibition culminated in a Paint and Draw Session, where TotalEnergies staff and their children engaged in drawing with brushes and watercolors. Marilyn Mmeme Abeka, Solar Services Manager, in an interview with The Guardian, described the exhibition and the session as ‘exciting.

Abeka praised this year’s exhibition for its freshness and aesthetic appeal, highlighting the impressive use of images and mixed media. ‘The theme of sustainability was evident throughout the artworks, particularly the use of recycled materials and the emphasis on environmental protection,’ she added, underscoring the deep impact of the theme on her.

A field operations staff member from Indonesia praised TotalEnergies’ initiative for promoting work-life balance. ‘This is our second time here; we attended last year too. It’s even more enjoyable this year,’ he shared, highlighting the event’s significance for him and his family.

He expressed his appreciation to TotalEnergies, saying, ‘I commend the company for supporting artists in such a unique way. Art enhances our enjoyment and understanding of life. Thank you, TotalEnergies, for bringing this aspect of beauty closer to everyone.

Over the years, TotalEnergies has been steadfast in its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to produce more energy with fewer emissions, thus reshaping the sustainability narrative.

A notable initiative is the NNPCL/TotalEnergies Pilot Plastic Recycling Plant in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, a joint venture with NNPC Limited and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). The facility is set to recycle over 1,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 750 tons each year. This impact is equivalent to the greenhouse gas absorption of planting more than 4,500 trees.

In conclusion, participants universally acknowledged that ‘as a responsible energy company, TotalEnergies is dedicated to producing and supplying energy that is safer, cleaner, and accessible to as many people as possible.’

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