Aura Energy Launches Major Drilling Program at Tiris Uranium Project

Extensional Drilling in Mauritania Set to Boost Uranium Resources for Aura Energy

by Adenike Adeodun

Aura Energy, a notable player in uranium exploration, has initiated a comprehensive 15,500-meter extensional drilling program at its Tiris Uranium project, located in the Tiris Zemmour region of northern Mauritania. This ambitious undertaking includes up to seven exploration targets and is expected to considerably augment the site’s mineral resource estimate.

The company has charted out a roadmap to complete this extensive drilling exercise by February 2024. Aura Energy’s target is ambitious yet precise: to uncover 100,000 pounds of the U308 uranium compound through this program. To date, an impressive 19,000 meters of drilling have been conducted, unveiling a mineral resource estimate of 113 metric tons with an average grade of 236 parts per million of U308.

According to a report by Energy Capital & Power, David Woodall, the Managing Director of Aura Energy, expressed the company’s confidence in this venture. “We are embarking on this program with a vision that the Tiris Uranium Project could evolve into a globally significant uranium province,” he said. Woodall emphasized the economic potential of the project, citing the simplicity of mining methods and beneficiation at Tiris. The project currently aims to produce two million pounds (Mlbs) of U308 per annum, but there’s potential for scaling up.

The extensional drilling is just one part of Aura Energy’s broader strategy in the region. Following the acquisition of the necessary licenses, the company is also gearing up to commence additional exploration activities in the areas surrounding Tiris. These exploration efforts are scheduled to span over the next two years, underscoring the company’s commitment to expanding its uranium exploration footprint.

Aura Energy’s move to intensify drilling and exploration activities at the Tiris Uranium Project comes at a time when global demand for uranium is steadily rising. This strategic decision could place the company in a favourable position in the global uranium market. The expansion and exploration of the Tiris project are not only crucial for Aura Energy’s growth but also for Mauritania’s economic development, potentially positioning the country as a key uranium producer on the global stage.

The Tiris project’s development represents a significant step in the quest for alternative energy sources. As nations worldwide seek sustainable energy solutions, uranium plays a critical role in the nuclear power sector. Aura Energy’s initiative to increase uranium production aligns with global energy trends and the shift towards cleaner, more sustainable power generation.

In conclusion, Aura Energy’s drilling program at the Tiris Uranium project is a game-changer for both the company and the uranium industry. This extensive exploration and potential resource expansion could significantly impact the global uranium supply, contributing to the broader narrative of energy sustainability and economic growth in Mauritania.

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