Puma Energy Expands Aviation Fuel Supply in Mozambique

The global energy company will provide sustainable Jet A1 aviation fuel and related technical services at seven airports in the country.

by Motoni Olodun

Puma Energy, a leading global energy company, has announced the completion of its acquisition of AirBP’s aviation fuel assets in Mozambique, following approval from the Competition Regulatory Authority (ARC).

The acquisition will strengthen Puma Energy’s presence in seven major Mozambican airports, where it will provide sustainable Jet A1 aviation fuel and related technical services to airlines and other customers.

According to a statement from the company, all of AirBP’s assets in Mozambique have been transferred to Puma Energy Mozambique, which will service customers through facilities and equipment at airports in Maputo, Beira, Nampula, Tete, Pemba, Quelimane and Vilankulo. Twenty-six employees have joined the company as part of the transaction.

Puma Energy said it will continue to invest in training and equipment to ensure that Mozambique’s airports remain among the best served in Africa. “The facilities will continue to operate to the highest industry standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Joint Inspection Group (JIG). Puma Energy remains committed to safety, reliability, and efficient service,” the statement said.

For Puma Energy’s managing director, Danilo Neves Correia, this transaction represents another step towards the company’s growth in the country. “This acquisition will allow us to expand our offer to more aviation customers in Mozambique. Puma Energy’s strategy is to focus growth on our downstream markets, including aviation, and this acquisition is an excellent example of that strategy in action,” said Correia, as quoted in the statement.

The Puma Energy group describes itself as a “global energy leader”, supplying “reliably on six continents”, and operating in the fuel, aviation, lubricants, and bitumen sectors. Puma Energy Aviation, one of the group’s divisions, supplies sustainable Jet A1 aviation fuel and related technical services at more than 115 airports around the world.

The acquisition of AirBP’s aviation fuel assets in Mozambique is part of Puma Energy’s expansion plan in Africa, where it has been operating since 1997. The company has a network of over 500 retail sites and storage facilities across 19 countries in the continent.

The aviation sector in Mozambique is expected to grow in the coming years, as the country develops its natural gas resources and attracts more foreign investment and tourism. The government has also launched a project to rehabilitate and modernize 10 airports across the country, with support from the World Bank and other partners.

Puma Energy said it is ready to support the development of the aviation industry in Mozambique and contribute to the country’s economic growth and social progress. “We are proud to be part of Mozambique’s aviation sector and look forward to serving our customers with high-quality products and services. We are also committed to creating value for the local communities and supporting the sustainable development of the country,” the statement said.

Source: Club of Mozambique

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