Mauritania’s Green Energy Leap

by Motoni Olodun

In a landmark move for renewable energy, Chariot Limited has announced the successful completion of a feasibility study for “Project Nour,” a large-scale green hydrogen initiative in Mauritania. This project, co-owned by Chariot Green Hydrogen and TE H2—a partnership between TotalEnergies and EREN Group—has the potential to position Mauritania as a leading green hydrogen producer on the African continent.

The study, which builds upon a pre-feasibility study completed in 2022, confirms the project’s world-class potential. It outlines a phased development plan, starting with a 3 GW renewable capacity that will power up to 1.6 GW of electrolysis capacity. This initial phase is expected to produce 150 kt of green hydrogen annually, earmarked for domestic green steel production and export as green ammonia.

Mauritania’s strategic geographical location, close to Europe and with an existing deep-sea port at Nouadhibou, offers favorable export options. The project aligns with the European Commission’s Global Gateway initiative, highlighting the mutual benefits of future hydrogen exports and green steel production.

The Mauritanian government has expressed firm commitment to the sector’s development, aiming to become the continent’s largest hydrogen producer and exporter. The project promises sustainable economic development, with a local content plan designed to maximize employment and business opportunities within Mauritania.

Project Nour stands as a beacon of hope for a sustainable energy future, showcasing the potential of green hydrogen as a key player in the global energy transition.

Source: Energy Connects

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