ECG Launches 450,000 Smart Meters in Accra West

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe
ECG smart meter upgrade

In an ambitious move to modernize its energy distribution and curb losses, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has embarked on a significant project, replacing 450,000 old electricity meters with advanced smart meters across the Accra West region. This initiative is part of the broader Loss Reduction Programme (LRP), designed to enhance energy efficiency and improve service delivery to ECG’s customers.

The LRP aims not only to upgrade the metering infrastructure but also to ensure that meters are readily available for new and existing service connections, thereby reducing system losses that have long plagued the power distribution network in Ghana. This five-month project will see the replacement of postpaid, non-smart prepaid, and faulty meters with MMS-compliant smart prepaid meters, marking a pivotal step in Ghana’s journey towards energy sustainability.

Emmanuel Akinie, the General Manager of ECG in the Accra West region, has been at the forefront of assuring customers of the benefits of this transition. He highlighted the convenience offered by the new smart meters, which allow customers to purchase electricity credits remotely via the ECG Power app or the short code *226#, eliminating the need for physical top-ups. Akinie also addressed concerns regarding the replacement process, noting that ECG officers would carry official authorization letters and ensure that any outstanding balances on old meters are seamlessly transferred to the new smart meters. He emphasized that the meter replacement exercise is entirely free, urging customers to cooperate with the ECG teams visiting their premises for meter upgrades.

Parallel to the meter replacement campaign, ECG has launched a crackdown on illegal electricity connections, a perennial issue affecting revenue and service quality. A notable operation in the Ashaiman District, part of the Tema region, uncovered 130 illegal connections within just three days, starting from March 4, 2024. This operation is a critical component of ECG’s revenue mobilization strategy, ensuring that all users fairly contribute to the energy they consume. Kissi Ohenebeng, the District Manager for Ashaiman, shared insights into the operation’s success, crediting the collaborative effort of staff from across the Tema region. With more than 5,000 customers audited, the initiative has made significant strides in identifying and rectifying unauthorized connections, emphasizing the importance of legal and compliant energy usage.

The Acting General Manager of the ECG Tema region, Daniel Asare-Mensah, echoed this sentiment, calling on customers to adhere to billing regulations and settle their dues promptly to prevent debt accumulation. Asare-Mensah revealed plans to extend similar revenue mobilization and compliance efforts to other districts, including Afienya and Prampram, indicating a region-wide commitment to improving energy distribution and financial sustainability.

The dual initiatives of meter upgrades and the clampdown on illegal connections signal a new era for Ghana’s energy sector, focusing on efficiency, transparency, and customer service. By embracing technology and enforcing compliance, ECG is setting the stage for a more reliable and sustainable energy future, ensuring that Ghana’s growth is powered in a manner that is both innovative and equitable.

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