Algeria Launches 15 Solar Plants, Boosting Renewable Energy Drive

Ambitious Project Targets 3,000MW from Solar, Transforming Energy Landscape

by Adenike Adeodun

Algeria is embarking on an ambitious initiative to enhance its energy infrastructure with the construction of 15 solar photovoltaic (PV) plants, as announced by the state-owned utility responsible for electricity and natural gas distribution. This venture, comprising part of Algeria’s Renewable Energy Development Programme, aims to generate a substantial 3,000MW of solar PV energy, marking a significant stride towards sustainable energy development in the country.

The project is divided into two primary components, with the first being the construction of 15 solar PV plants across 12 provinces, generating a total of 2,000MW. These plants will vary in capacity, ranging from 80MW to 220MW, demonstrating the project’s scale and ambition. The second component, known as the Solar 1,000MW Project, involves building five additional plants across five provinces, each with capacities varying between 50MW and 300MW.

The Algerian government, through Sonelgaz, launched calls for tenders in early 2023 for the realization of these projects, which were met with significant interest from both local and international bidders. As a result, 19 contracts were awarded to a mix of Algerian companies, mixed Algerian groups, and foreign entities, showcasing the collaborative effort between national and international stakeholders in driving Algeria’s renewable energy ambitions.

This initiative is not just about enhancing Algeria’s energy production capacity; it is also aimed at fostering expertise within the country. The Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, highlighted the projects as a “decisive turning point” for Algeria, signifying a major leap in the development of renewable and environmentally friendly energies within the nation. Arkab emphasized the opportunities for partnership between national and foreign companies, which are expected to bolster human resource capabilities and facilitate technology transfer in the renewable energy sector.

Furthermore, Professor Boukhalfa Yaïci, Director General of the Green Energy Cluster Algeria, confirmed the significant involvement of Algerian companies in the projects. With local firms accountable for 42% of the work, the initiative is poised to contribute substantially to the domestic industry’s growth and expertise. The successful bids from members of the cluster, including Amimer Energie Spa officielle, EURL HAMDI, the Ozgun-Zergoun consortium, and the Cosider Canalisation-Fimer group, alongside the participation of Chinese companies, underscore the confidence in Algeria’s potential to transition towards a greener energy future.

The completion of these projects, estimated to take about 22 months, is fully financed by the Algerian government, underscoring the nation’s commitment to renewable energy and its role in Algeria’s energy security and sustainability goals. As these solar PV plants come online, they will not only contribute to Algeria’s energy independence but also serve as a testament to the country’s dedication to embracing renewable energy sources, setting a precedent for energy development across Africa and beyond.

Source: ESI Africa

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