Combatting Vandalism: Kenya Power Fortifies Energy Security

Strategic Partnerships Empower Kenya Power Against Infrastructure Threats

by Adenike Adeodun

Kenya Power is actively engaging in a critical battle against criminals who have been targeting the nation’s energy infrastructure, causing significant disruptions in power supply. The electricity utility, recognizing the escalating threat to its network, especially in coastal cities like Mombasa, Kwale, and Kilifi, has bolstered its surveillance capabilities and fostered partnerships with security agencies and National Government Administrative Officers (NGAO) to mitigate vandalism and theft of power infrastructure and distribution equipment.

Phineas Marete, the Manager for the coastal region at Kenya Power, emphasized the severe impact that vandalism has on Kenyan citizens by plunging them into darkness and disrupting daily activities. During a forum in Kwale County, he highlighted the company’s resolve to address these challenges head-on by working closely with security agencies. This collaboration aims to safeguard electricity assets, such as transformers and towers, which are often the targets of criminal activities.

The vandalism of electrical assets not only results in power supply disruptions but also inflicts considerable financial and reputational damage on Kenya Power. Marete pointed out that the company is forced to allocate substantial resources to repair and replace damaged equipment, further underscoring the urgency of addressing this issue.

In addition to tackling vandalism, Kenya Power is also contending with challenges posed by road maintenance activities. Marete called on road agencies, including the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA), Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), and Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA), to collaborate with the power company during road construction and upgrading projects. He stressed the importance of involving Kenya Power in the planning stages to prevent accidental damage to electricity poles, which frequently leads to power outages.

This proactive approach taken by Kenya Power, in concert with law enforcement and road agencies, represents a comprehensive strategy to protect vital energy infrastructure from criminal acts and construction-related accidents. By ensuring the integrity of its network, Kenya Power aims to provide reliable electricity to its customers and minimize the adverse effects of power disruptions on Kenyan society. As the battle against infrastructure vandalism continues, the utility’s efforts to fortify its defenses and maintain open lines of communication with relevant stakeholders are critical components of securing a stable power supply for the nation.

Source: ESI Africa

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