De-Haryor Advocates for Enhanced Metering in Nigeria’s Power Sector

CEO Olatunbosum Highlights Metering as Key to Sector Growth

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

Electricity metering is crucial for the growth and investment in Nigeria’s power sector, according to Engr. Ashade Olatunbosum, the Chief Executive Officer of De-Haryor Global Services Limited. His insights come amidst the Nigerian government’s efforts to distribute prepaid meters across the country, aiming to improve billing accuracy and service quality. Olatunbosum’s company, established in 2009 and a key player in the sector since 2016, offers tamper-proof smart meters that ensure fair usage and billing.

De-Haryor Global Services Limited, under Olatunbosum’s leadership, has received certifications from the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), endorsing its business operations in Nigeria. These smart meters are designed to be immune to manipulation, promoting transparency and efficiency in electricity consumption.

Olatunbosum praised the current administration’s efforts to boost metering in the power sector, viewing it as a significant step towards improving the sector’s viability and investor confidence. The introduction of these advanced meters is expected to thwart unauthorized energy usage, ensuring DISCOs (Electricity Distribution Companies) can adequately monitor consumption and recover their investments.

Highlighting the importance of quality and service, Olatunbosum shared, “Our meters are not just smart; they redefine the essence of energy consumption monitoring. With our dedicated mobile app, users experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability.” De-Haryor’s commitment to excellence is evident in its training and capacity-building initiatives, ensuring its team is well-equipped to meet the sector’s needs.

The company’s strategic focus on local content development and plans to establish a meter assembling plant in Nigeria further showcase its dedication to contributing to the power sector’s growth and the national economy. Olatunbosum’s call for a level playing field in the metering sector underlines the need for equitable opportunities for all operators, ensuring the continued advancement of Nigeria’s power infrastructure.

De-Haryor’s proactive approach in providing quality meters and services, alongside its investment in human capital and local manufacturing, positions it as a significant contributor to Nigeria’s power sector, driving towards a more efficient and transparent electricity distribution system.

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