JinkoSolar Secures Spot on BNEF Tier 1 Energy Storage List

Recognition for Leading Innovation in Energy Storage Solutions

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

JinkoSolar has been officially named on Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s (BNEF) Energy Storage Tier 1 List for the second quarter of 2024, marking a significant milestone for the company in the competitive energy storage market. This recognition is a testament to JinkoSolar’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the renewable energy sector.

As a leading provider of photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage solutions (ESS), JinkoSolar has demonstrated remarkable prowess in developing and supplying top-tier energy storage systems across various sectors. From utility-scale projects to commercial and residential applications, JinkoSolar’s product line is designed to meet diverse energy needs efficiently and reliably.

One of the standout features of JinkoSolar’s technology is the SunTera G2, a newly launched 5MWh large-scale energy storage system. This system boasts a high-capacity lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) battery, which has dramatically increased energy density by 46%. Additionally, the SunTera G2 offers a cycle life exceeding 10,000 times, significantly enhancing the longevity and cost-effectiveness of the storage solution.

To ensure the safety and reliability of its systems, JinkoSolar has implemented over 270 internal tests that simulate various hazardous conditions and long-term operational scenarios. These tests are critical for guaranteeing the durability and performance of the energy storage products under diverse environmental and usage conditions.

The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability is further reflected in its efforts to minimize the noise output of its storage systems. With noise levels controlled within 75 decibels, the SunTera G2 reduces the impact on surrounding areas, making it an ideal solution for both densely populated and serene environments.

Innovative design features such as liquid cooling technology and multi-level fire protection also play a crucial role in enhancing system efficiency and safety. These technologies help maintain optimal operating temperatures and reduce the risk of fire, ensuring that JinkoSolar’s products are both effective and safe for widespread use.

JinkoSolar’s strategic approach to product delivery and deployment has earned high marks from customers worldwide. Leveraging its extensive global distribution network in the solar industry, the company has successfully expanded its reach in the energy storage market, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery of its systems globally.

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