Schneider Electric Launches EVLink Charging Solution in Africa

New EV Charging Solution Targets Major African Markets

Leading energy management and automation company Schneider Electric has unveiled EVLink, a new EV charging system designed especially for the African market. This product is meant to meet the urgent need for reliable EV charging infrastructure across the continent and is a part of Schneider’s larger EcoStruxure eMobility strategy.

The introduction of EVLink coincides with a pivotal moment in African automotive history, as countries seek to lessen their dependency on fossil fuels by shifting to electric vehicles. By offering a dependable and effective charging solution that satisfies the distinct needs of both private and business users throughout the continent, Schneider’s effort seeks to aid in this shift. During the launch, Karim Yasser, the leader of Schneider Africa’s residential and distribution business unit, emphasized the importance of EVLink. Yasser claims that the product introduction is purposefully aimed toward nations that are setting the standard for EV adoption in Africa, including South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Egypt.

One component of this system, called EVLink Home, is designed for individual EV owners and can be placed in homes. With a maximum 11 kW alternating current delivery, these home chargers provide a slow charging option. A full charge usually takes six to eight hours. Schneider offers a home charger in two flavors: a conventional model and a smart model that lets consumers monitor and manage the charging process with a smartphone.

Schneider has created EV Link Pro, a more durable solution for businesses that can be installed in public areas like parking lots, retail malls, and office buildings. With capacities of up to 22 kW, this variant enables speedier charging, enabling a complete charge in about three to four hours. It also has a radio frequency identification card system that lets building administrators regulate who may access the chargers, efficiently control energy use, and guarantee smooth operation.

Yasser went on to expound on the EV Link Pro ac solution’s versatility and adaptability, highlighting its scalability and customisation choices that make it perfect for a range of commercial applications. The system’s architecture can be modified to accommodate particular parking spaces or charging slots, providing cutting-edge connectivity and interoperability. Looking ahead, Schneider plans to introduce the EV Link Pro dc later this year—a direct current solution that promises even faster charging capabilities. With a range of up to 180 kW, the dc charger is capable of powering vehicles within 30 minutes to an hour, making it an excellent option for transit locations and electric mass transit buses that require quick, high-power charging.

Schneider’s EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert, a sophisticated load management system that guarantees the stability of building electricity, particularly during peak demand times, is an essential component of the EVLink solution. In order to maximize energy efficiency and minimize costs, this system dynamically distributes electricity among charging stations and controls EV charging during peak and off-peak hours.

Schneider’s commitment goes beyond just providing gear, as Yasser made clear. In order to offer fleets, residences, and buildings a smooth and convenient charging experience, the firm plans to connect the complete ecosystem of electric mobility. Microgrid energy sourcing, advanced software, and electrical protection that prioritize the usage of renewable energy sources are all included in the full solution.

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