Schneider Electric Launches Microgrid to Address Africa’s Energy Challenges

Villaya Flex Launched to Boost Sustainable Energy Access Across Africa

Leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, Schneider Electric, has introduced the Villaya Flex microgrid as its newest project to help Africa with its enduring energy problems. This news was made after the eagerly awaited launch of the novel solution at the recent Energy Access Investment Forum Conference in Lagos.

Villaya Flex by Schneider Electric has the potential to significantly impact off-grid communities across Africa by promoting resilience and sustainable development. With this project, the firm is taking a significant step toward its goal of increasing access to renewable energy across the continent.

Schneider Electric West Africa’s Country President, Ajibola Akindele, underlined the business’s enduring dedication to efficiency and sustainability. “Our goal is to become a global digital partner for efficiency and sustainability, enabling everyone to maximize energy resources and provide a bridge between progress and sustainability for everybody,” said Akindele. He added that Schneider Electric, with its nearly 200-year history, presence in over 110 countries, and 150,000 workers worldwide, has been named by the Corporate Knights Global 100 Index for 12 years running as one of the most sustainable firms in the world.

The company has set lofty targets, hoping to reach 50 million people with access to clean electricity by 2025 and double that number to 100 million by 2030. In pursuit of these targets, Schneider Electric’s Access to Energy program has already benefited 46.5 million people worldwide with reliable and sustainable energy solutions. The urgency of these initiatives is highlighted by the fact that over 700 million people globally lack access to electricity, including 600 million in Africa and 95 million in Nigeria alone.

Thomas Bonicel, Director of MEAS, Access to Energy at Schneider Electric, detailed the company’s strategy to empower communities through access to clean and reliable energy. “With Villaya Flex, our latest innovation, we are ready to support independent electricity access and renewable energy adoption in remote villages and off-grid communities,” Bonicel explained. He also expressed the company’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions in all operations by 2030, with a carbon-neutral value chain by 2040, and a net zero CO2 value chain by 2050.

Teina Teibowei, Commercial Leader for Microgrid at Schneider Electric, described Villaya Flex as a comprehensive, packaged microgrid solution that maximizes solar energy utilization to minimize reliance on polluting generators. “It incorporates smart monitoring and an integrated management system to efficiently manage multiple energy sources, ultimately optimizing the mini grid’s performance,” Teibowei stated. Specifically designed for rural, off-the-grid communities, Villaya Flex is aimed at ensuring a dependable and sustainable energy supply that not only meets daily needs but also supports productive economic activities in these communities.

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