Eskom Advances Grid Capacity with New Transformer Supply Contracts

Eskom Sets Up Competitive Panel for Transformer Supply

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

With a view to improving its electrical grid, Eskom has added five transformer manufacturers to its supplier panel in a strategic move. These businesses are now ready to submit bids for contracts that will soon be available to supply 101 large-scale transformers, which are essential to Eskom’s Transmission Development Plan (TDP) for the following four years. The goal is to enhance the grid’s ability to manage new connections for energy generation.

While the identities of these suppliers are still unknown, Eskom has observed that the majority have both local and global activities. This decision was reached following an open tender procedure that began on March 14. For 26 transformers, Eskom has already released the first tender. This will represent a significant milestone in the utility’s plan, with awards anticipated by July. According to the schedule, delivery of these transformers will span from 12 to 36 months post-order. This expedited timeline addresses the urgent need to expand transmission capabilities, a current bottleneck for new generation links.

The procurement strategy under this TDP is projected to bring contracts valued around R7-billion into the fold over four years. This investment aims to unlock 28 gigawatts (GW) of grid capacity, vital for accommodating future energy demands. The oversight of these transformative projects will transition to the newly formed National Transmission Company of South Africa (NTCSA). The NTCSA has laid out plans for 47 transformer projects, expected to enhance grid connection capacity by 37 GW between 2025 and 2033.

Segomoco Scheppers, the Transmission Managing Director, has articulated ambitions to integrate 53 GW of new generation capacity within the decade. This initiative will not only involve the installation of 170 transformers but also extend to erecting 14,218 kilometers of new transmission lines, contributing an additional 105,865 MVA of transformer capacity. Eskom’s contracting approach is designed to slash lead times and support local production. This approach anticipates the full delivery of approximately 28 GW to the grid by the close of the 2028 financial year.

Increased local content will be encouraged by future tenders as the supply chain develops. 22 factories that can produce different transformer classes have already been accredited by the NTCSA in preparation, increasing the operational capacity both domestically and globally. In addition to strengthening South Africa’s electrical infrastructure, this all-encompassing plan seeks to boost the region’s economy by utilizing homegrown manufacturing capacity.

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