Cape Town to Complete Prepaid Meter Upgrades Ahead of Schedule

Cape Town's Electricity Meter Upgrade Program to Finish Before December Deadline

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

Cape Town is working hard to complete an ambitious program to upgrade electricity meters across the city before the December deadline. This program is focused on updating the prepaid electricity metering software, which is set to expire by the end of the year. Failure to update the software would prevent residents from recharging their prepaid meters.

All municipalities nationwide have been mandated to upgrade their prepaid electricity meter software by December. Failure to comply would mean that customers could no longer recharge their units. Cape Town has taken proactive steps, updating approximately 604,500 meters to date.

Officials in the Cape Town metro are diligently working and are ready to assist residents with updates as needed, revisiting any meters that have not yet been updated. The city has taken a methodical approach to ensure that no resident is left behind in this crucial update.

When residents purchase electricity, those with meters due for an update receive two 20-digit codes alongside their usual prepaid token. This notification indicates that their meter is included in the current batch of updates. The update process in Cape Town has been organized according to an area schedule. The city is now in the final stages of this extensive program, aiming to ensure all meters are compliant with the new software requirements before the set deadline.

To ensure the safety and security of its residents during this process, the city has emphasized that all work teams involved in the meter updates carry proper identification and work order numbers. Residents who have concerns about the identity of these workers can verify their authenticity by calling the city’s dedicated call center at 0860 103 089.

Notably, Cape Town is not alone in this endeavor. Power utility Eskom and other municipalities across South Africa are also initiating the update of meters under their jurisdiction. This coordinated effort reflects a national commitment to maintaining the integrity and functionality of the country’s electrical infrastructure.

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