KCA Deutag Secures $60 Million Contract Renewal in Angola

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe


KCA Deutag, a globally renowned provider of oil and gas services, has once again proven its industry leadership by securing a significant $60 million contract extension in Angola for one year. This latest agreement encompasses a spectrum of services, including core drilling, comprehensive maintenance, and overseeing operations of two pivotal offshore platforms situated within the Angolan maritime zone.

The scope of the extended contract underlines KCA Deutag’s expansive role in the Angolan oil sector. In addition to core drilling, the company is entrusted with critical crane operations, ensuring that equipment is managed efficiently, performing essential maintenance routines, and facilitating rental services. This new extension is not just a business transaction; it signifies the trust and partnership developed over the years. In fact, with this renewal, the company celebrates its continuous and dedicated service concerning these particular assets in Angola for over ten years.

Ole Maier, the President Offshore for KCA Deutag, spoke about this milestone with a sense of pride. For Maier, the extension isn’t merely a business achievement; it stands as testament to KCA Deutag’s consistent efforts in delivering unparalleled services in the industry. One of the company’s overarching goals is to ensure that Angola’s rich energy resources are harnessed efficiently, promising a resilient and lasting energy output for the nation’s future.

Maier emphasized the company’s competitive edge, attributing their success to a blend of advanced drilling technology and a highly skilled team. He said, “By leveraging state-of-the-art drilling methodologies and drawing upon the vast experience of our professionals, we’ve positioned ourselves as the first choice for partners in Angola’s oil and gas exploration and production sectors.”

To offer a broader perspective on KCA Deutag’s commitment to Angola, it’s essential to note that their expertise and collaborative approach have solidified their standing in the Angolan oil and gas landscape for nearly two decades.

SOURCE: Energy capital &power 

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