Senegal’s Power Push: An Overview of Major Energy Initiatives

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

Aiming for universal energy access by 2025, the Senegal government is moving ahead with multiple power plant projects. These plants will transition to gas-to-power facilities by 2024, aligning with the country’s energy objectives.

Sandiara – 360 MW:

Construction firm TSK and Senegal’s LFR Energy are collaborating on the Sandiara Power Plant in the nation’s Special Economic Zone, set to start in 2024. Touted as the largest gas-to-power plant in Senegal, it will produce 360 MW using natural gas and, if needed, light crude oil. The project, wrapping up in 2026, will boost electricity supply, promote economic growth and foster regional ties.

Cap des Biches – 300 MW:

West African Energy is set to unveil Senegal’s premier 300 MW combined cycle gas power station in early 2024. With contributions totaling $348.9 million from several financial entities, the project, near Dakar, has been in the works since March 2021. It aims to offer more affordable power rates in Senegal, with equipment from General Electric and oversight by Calik Enerji.

Sendou – 125 MW:

Since 2007, the Sendou coal-fired power station has provided an affordable baseload power source. Once switched to natural gas, it will promote sustainability, economic growth and local employment. By 2052, the station is projected to cater to about 12% of Senegal’s yearly power needs.

Malicounda – 120 MW:

President Macky Sall introduced the 120 MW Malicounda Power Plant in February 2023. Currently running on Wartsila oil-powered generators, it will soon transition to gas. Completed in 2023, this €154 million venture has bolstered Senegal’s power output by 8%, with broad financial backing signaling a noteworthy public-private partnership.

Tobene – 115 MW:

Tobene Power, a significant independent power provider, lies 90 km northeast of Dakar. Serving over 2 million people, this plant fuels about 10% of Senegal’s power generation. Acquired by Azura Power in 2019, plans are in place to switch from heavy fuel oil to gas, mirroring Senegal’s developmental and ecological goals.

The upcoming MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2023 conference in Nouakchott on Nov. 21-22 will spotlight regional electricity accessibility. The event will underscore the importance of partnership, strategic foresight, and accelerated infrastructure development to tackle energy scarcity and bolster power trade.

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