Federal Government Advances Clean Energy with Focus on Electric Vehicles and Renewables

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

In a response to global calls for energy transition, the Nigerian federal government announced intentions to tap into cleaner energy. They aim to develop and expand industries like renewable energy, electric vehicles, and sustainable agriculture. This strategic move seeks to foster diversification and economic growth.

Heineken Lokpobiri, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, shared these insights at the Nigeria Institution of Petroleum Engineers (NIPetE) 2023 International Conference in Abuja. The event’s theme centered around the importance of research, technology, and innovation for energy transition.

Lokpobiri championed investments in the industries, urging the adoption of tech-based solutions across various sectors. Represented by Augustine Okwudiafor, the Director for Distribution and Utilization of the Midstream and Downstream Department, he emphasized the role of researchers and innovators.

The minister believes technology can revolutionize the energy sector, making it efficient and eco-friendly. “Harnessing digitalization, artificial intelligence, and automation will enhance hydrocarbon economic recovery,” he stated. Furthermore, he mentioned that these technologies could improve operations, boost data collection, and mitigate environmental impacts.

He underscored the importance of collaboration with research institutions, universities, and the private sector. Such partnerships, he believes, will drive solutions that uplift resource recovery, cut emissions, and bolster the energy sector’s sustainability.

In 2022, technology profiles granted approvals in the upstream sector included asset and integrity management (32%), metering (29%), software monitoring (21%), and subsurface production (18%).

Prisca Kanebi, National Chairman of the Nigeria Institution of Petroleum Engineers, addressed the challenges climate change presents. She highlighted global efforts through the United Nations Climate Change treaty and underscored Nigeria’s commitment.

Kanebi stated the conference would discuss innovations, collaborations, and strategic planning. Participants will explore advanced technologies, renewable solutions, and sustainable practices in the oil and gas sector. “Our focus will be on policies and incentives guiding Nigeria to a greener energy future,” she added.

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