Arla Foods Nigeria Embarks on Solar Power Transition for Dairy Farm

by Adenike Adeodun

Arla Foods Nigeria, the producer of Dano milk, has embarked on an ambitious four-year energy transition plan. This plan involves constructing a solar power plant at its state-of-the-art dairy farm in Kaduna. By 2027, the company aims to generate up to 750 kVA of installed capacity.

Peder Pedersen, Managing Director of Arla Foods Nigeria, shared these plans at the 2023 Nordic Nigeria Connect in Lagos. The event, themed “Innovation for a Greener Future,” focused on sustainable development. Pedersen emphasized that the plan is part of Arla’s commitment to sustainability and its vision for a healthier, more natural dairy future.

According to a report by This Day Live, the farm in Damau, Kaduna State, currently operates on diesel generators, as it is not connected to the national grid. This solar power project represents a significant shift towards renewable energy for the company.

Akalaka Obazei, Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs at Arla Foods Nigeria, provided more details during an Energy Transition session. The project’s first phase involves a 250 kVA solar-diesel hybrid solution. This change will save approximately €143,910 in annual diesel costs. It also aims to reduce carbon emissions by about 300 to 350 tons per year and promises a one-year payback period.

Obazei revealed that the farm’s power generation capacity would increase to 550 kVA between 2024 and 2025. The goal is to reach the full potential of 750 kVA by 2027, coinciding with the farm’s expected full operational capacity.

“From the farm’s initial design phase, we considered energy transition,” Obazei stated. The farm already has the necessary roof space for the targeted 750 kVA, with potential for further expansion.

The project’s financing comes from Arla’s 8500 farmer-owners. They strongly support the energy transition, aligning with their long-standing commitment to sustainability.

This move by Arla Foods Nigeria is a significant step towards eco-friendly practices in the agricultural sector. It aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints and promote renewable energy sources.

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