Lekeh Foundation Demands End to Oil Exploration in Ogoni

Environmental Group Advocates for Renewable Energy in Niger Delta

by Adenike Adeodun

The Lekeh Development Foundation has raised a clarion call for the cessation of all oil exploration activities in Ogoni land, citing severe environmental damage. The group’s demand came during a road walk marking January 4 Ogoni Day in Bori. Executive Director Friday Nbani emphasized the devastating impact of decades-long oil exploration on the region’s agriculture and life expectancy.

“As an organization focused on climate justice and human rights, we demand an end to fossil fuel funding in the Niger Delta region,” Nbani stated. He stressed the need to leave Ogoni oil in the ground, highlighting the drastic decline in agricultural productivity and fishing income in the area.

The group is advocating a shift to renewable energy sources, arguing that they are more environmentally friendly and healthier for human communities. “The continuous gas flaring and oil spills are unbearable. It’s time Nigeria transitioned from fossil fuels to renewable energy,” Nbani added.

According to a report by The Guardian, the situation in Ogoni Land and the Niger Delta is one of the world’s most severe environmental crises. The life expectancy in the region has plummeted to 41 years, significantly lower than in other parts of Nigeria and the world. Nbani pointed out the unfulfilled goals of the late environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and his colleagues, emphasizing the ongoing struggle for environmental justice.

Ogoni Day is commemorated by the Ogonis as a symbol of their fight against oppression and for environmental rights. The Lekeh Development Foundation’s stance is a significant contribution to this ongoing fight, aiming to protect the region’s environment and the health of its people.

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