USTDA Facilitates US-South Africa Collaboration on Green Hydrogen Development

US Trade Agency Hosts South African Delegation to Strengthen Green Hydrogen Ties

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe
USTDA South Africa Green Hydrogen Collaboration

The US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) is poised to host a delegation from South Africa’s clean energy sector, aiming to enhance collaboration and speed up the development of South Africa’s green hydrogen ecosystem. This visit, comprising 14 government, private, and financial sector representatives, is scheduled from January 28 to February 7, according to the USTDA.

During their stay, the delegation will engage with US companies and witness demonstrations of advanced American technologies in the green hydrogen domain. The visit includes stops in Houston and San Francisco, where the delegates will participate in an interactive financing panel, meet representatives from the US Department of Energy and Rice University, and visit the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The USTDA will also organize a public business briefing in Houston on January 30. This event will enable US companies to learn about commercial opportunities within the South African market. It also offers a platform for one-on-one meetings with South African delegates, presenting US businesses the chance to showcase their innovative green hydrogen solutions.

The US private sector is recognized as a frontrunner in green hydrogen technology, encompassing production, transportation, and utilization. This technology is anticipated to be pivotal in decarbonizing sectors like heavy industry and freight transport.

South Africa has strategically identified green hydrogen as an essential element of its energy transition. This is reflected in its Just Energy Transition Investment Plan. The country aims to leverage green hydrogen to stimulate economic growth and development, building on its industrial base and abundant renewable energy resources.

This trade mission is a follow-up to a 2022 USTDA workshop in Cape Town, which brought together US industry experts and South African stakeholders. The workshop focused on addressing technical, regulatory, and environmental aspects crucial for catalyzing South Africa’s green hydrogen sector and creating market opportunities for US companies.

The USTDA’s initiative aligns with the US government’s Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment. This partnership endeavors to deliver impactful projects to bridge the infrastructure gap in developing countries. It also supports the South Africa Just Energy Transition Partnership and USTDA’s Global Partnership for Climate-Smart Infrastructure. The latter connects US industry with significant clean energy and transportation infrastructure projects in emerging economies.

This collaboration between the USTDA and South African representatives marks a significant step in fostering international partnerships in the green hydrogen sector. It underscores the growing global emphasis on sustainable energy solutions and the potential for joint ventures in the realm of clean and renewable energy.

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